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Raphaël Rossé

\\ trombone, euphonium, composer, producer, electronics, educator //




Raphael Rosse is a creative  musician, producer and composer with a unique warm sound. His musical  journey brought  him from Australia to Europe, The US and Asia and through many fields and genres of music. He is a openminded and sensitive artist, always curious to learn and meet new people and ideas. 

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Mimon plays a wide range of music from simple beautiful tunes to complex and explosive compositions and improvisations. The transparent but also compact music of the trinational band should not only appeal to jazz lovers, but to a wider audience who simply like to hear and experience authentic heart-felt music.



Hila Puntur experiments with the connection between multi-faceted avant-pop, free improvisation, electronics and acoustics. This is interwoven with rhythmic elements, delicate soundscapes, symmetric and asymmetric harmonies and loving/simple songs. Thus, Basel's seven person formation is embracing all their ideas and building a sound collage that entrances the listener with its intensive colours and structures, letting their audiences dive into an acoustic bath of this new type of music.


Through Saxophonist Niko Seibold’s compositions, SEiBOLZiNG’s sound reaches out to inspire every last corner of one's imagination while its groove gets you straight up on your feet. One could hear, feel and even taste this band in a hot basement jazz club, a concert hall or an underground dance party. Four people, four languages, six nationalities and the full experience of two generations - this is SEiBOLZiNG.  

„Niko Seibold and his band have dug deep and created music that is both rich in history yet completely modern. The compositions are full of interesting twists and turns allowing for some very inspired playing by the quartet. But there is still a powerful balance of intellect and emotion in this music. It is certainly not just music for the neck up! Each musician has a deep interest in sound and space and together they make music which reaches the heart. Niko has made music worthy of deep listening.“ - Larry Grenadier


Wespennest tends to act partly as an impracticable-anarchistic collective - a much-tried and mostly-unsuccessful social structure. Aware of this historic background, Wespennest is playing virtuosic in this timeless form of society since recent times.


mantocliff experimentieren mit den vielen Facetten des Pop, suchen Alternativen und Vielschichtigkeit, erzeugen einen Sog und ziehen ihr Publikum mit in das Innere der Spirale, bis zum Nabel der Musik, dahin, wo es am wohlsten ist. Nives Onori’s ungewöhnlich ausdrucksstarke Stimme, sowie die unbändige Kreativität der fünf Instrumentalisten – das ist mantocliff. Musik wie ein samtener Klangkunstteppich, mal energisch und rhythmisch, mal säuselnd und sanft, tanzbar und immer pulsierend. Musik wie eine elektrisierte Blumenwiese auf Super 8.


Swiss Singer-Songwriter Lea Lu has her roots in Poland, Spain and France, growing up in Zürich. At the age of 5 she started to play the violin, later the piano and guitar, but she has always had a passion for singing and songwriting. At 18 Lea performed at Montreux Jazz Festival with her first band Nexus. Her debut „Dots and Lines“ was released on the Sony Music Label in 2006. As a young artist she performed at over 200 concerts, from Europe to the Caribbean. In 2010 she was awarded The National Music Prize ‘Prix Walo’ (the most important award in Swiss show business) as ‘Best Newcomer’. Lea’s ability of synaesthesia is reflected on her second album „Colour“, and her third album „2 was recorded in Nice (France) and published in 2014 by Sony Music in collaboration with the French musician Medi. She has supported COLDPLAY, Morcheeba and Sinead O’Connor. In 2017 she released her new self-produced EP ‘Rabbit’ on her own ‘LL Records’ label.

2021 her fourth album 'I CALL YOU' will be released.


"Das sei einfach Musik - Brass, Beatbox Raps und Pop. Musikalische Liebesgeschichten, Zeitreisen, Strassenfeste. Jetzt wird klar: MAMA MAGNET, das ist ein Kosmos."


Das 8-Mann-Live-Musik-Spektakel. Der HipHop Zirkus aus Australien, Deutschland, Frankreich und der Schweiz. Fetteste Bläsersätze und spektakuläre Beats am Puls der Zeit. Alle lachen, alle tanzen alle fühlen sich fantastisch. "Das gibt's ja nicht." DOCH, DAS GIBT'S.


MAMA MAGNET zieht jedem der ihren Weg kreuzt das Trommelfell über die Ohren.


Dave Panichis current project, The Dave Panichi BIG Band, brings together some of Australia’s most dynamic emerging and established musicians to perform his music the way it demands to be played – with passion, groove, soul and grit!




K u s h K ist ein Digikid. Es ist losgezogen, sich in der Dialektik von Hyperspace und 
Bandecho einen Reim zu machen auf die Welt. Ein Blitzkind ist es, legt sich die Ge- 
schichten aus und durchwühlt die Musik nach Gültigkeiten.

K u s h K sind Catia, Paul, Pascal und Nicola - ein Viereck über alle Farben. Und keine Lust auf 
funny business: Was zählt hat Kontur, kennt Licht und Schatten. Hör das Schlagwerk 
motorisch sein, hör die Oszillatoren flimmern. Hör die Stimme untergehen, hör sie über 
allem ragen. Zwischen Kraut und Äther geht K u s h K hin, geht K u s h K her. Und 
Pop ist es doch, damit Du damit machen kannst, was du willst.


Grown Ocean is a large ensemble project by Sydney-based musician Novak Manojlovic.



Joseph Liddy a wild visionary of otherworldly sound and rhythm. Get your funk on or shake it off with hypnotictranscendental rock n'roll.

Prepare yourself for adventurous sounds into the vast cosmos! 

Get ready for some psychedelic motown & technicolor soul!


«We do not simply explore the limits of free improvisation, we frequently brake them.»
The open-structure band UFO’s core line-up currently consists of Michael Anklin, Lukas Huber and Robert Torche.

UFO have been playing concerts in the most diverse settings, and with a variety of artists, for five years now. During the last two years, the band’s core line-up has become increasingly interested in free improvisation.

UFO put on notoriously named monthly «Schlägerei mit anschliessender Diskussion» which translates into «fighting followed by a discussion» at OFF Bar Basel where they invite different people every time to improvise.

a tree in a field records - ufo

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Alle Videos

Alle Videos

Alle Videos
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mimon - dreisam (official video)

mimon - dreisam (official video)

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Otollo4 - Tune 7 LIVE

Otollo4 - Tune 7 LIVE

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Otollo4 - Jarjar's Bounce LIVE

Otollo4 - Jarjar's Bounce LIVE

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